Campaign in Russia - Leon Degrelle [9.1 MB | Ingles]

Campaign in Russia - Leon Degrelle [9.1 MB | Ingles]

Campaign in Russia - The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front - Leon Degrelle
9.1 MB | Ingles

Leon degrelle's career from Private to General in just four years, as well as his leadership qualities and fighting capability made him one of the best soldiers in the German Armed forces. As someone who knew Degrelle and interviewed him personally, it is fair to say that this book reflects his attitude towards the war in general. Although he was a member of the NSDAP, and won the Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross for gallantry, Degrelle still, until the day of his death believed in the fight against Communism. Historians should read this book to gather an insight into why nearly 2,000,000 Europeans and Asians joined Hitler's fight, not out of anti-Semitic ideology, but the fear and hatred of a political concept that had imposed just as much horror upon them as the National Socialists perpetrated against their target populations.


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